Ground Breaking ADA Decision Out of 9th Circuit Ruling

Today the Ninth Circuit ruled that governmental entities must have handicap parking spaces among the other public on-street parking they provide. But this seemingly simple ruling has the potential to go much further in its application, promising to increase access to everything from civic buildings to community parks to downtown shopping areas for tens of thousands of persons with disabilities… Continue Reading..

City Agrees to Make Sidewalk Wheelchair Accessible!

Accessible sidewalks are an essential component to ensure that people with disabilities are integrated into the country’s economic and social life. Without properly configured sidewalks, public travel for individuals who use wheelchairs is, at best, inconvenient, and, at worst, life-threatening. The lack of properly configured sidewalks inhibits the ability of individuals who use wheelchairs to travel safely and effectively within… Continue Reading..

New ADAAG Mandates Access to Swimming Pools

The new Americans with Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG 2011) went into effect on March 15, 2012.  There are many changes in the new ADAAG, which we will be discussing in future articles. In this article we are discussing access to swimming pools. While California Building Code has required disability access into swimming pools for a while, the previous ADAAG… Continue Reading..

The SART Will Soon Be Accessible!

Bill Nessel Bill Nessel has just added “Access Hero” to his long resume of accomplishments by refusing to allow the County of San Bernardino to deny him and other wheelchair users access to the unique Santa Ana River Trail (SART).  The SART is a beautiful, paved path that runs over 100 miles from skirt of the Highland mountains of California… Continue Reading..

Where’d the Accessible Parking Go in Rubidoux?

          Rubidoux, an unincorporated community within the County of Riverside, recently renovated its town center by widening the sidewalks and otherwise beautifying the area.  By all accounts, it was a great job.  One problem, though. After reinstalling the on-street parking, something went missing: the accessible parking.             Rubidoux used to have angled parking stalls along its main street with an accessible space… Continue Reading..

Russell Handy Awarded Attorney of the Year 2010

          The President of the California State Bar presented Mr. Handy with his award in a ceremony on March 9, 2010, for his work the result in a unanimous decision from the California Supreme Court in Munson v. Del Taco.  The Center for Disability Access has long been at the forefront of disability civil rights litigation.  Mr. Handy won this distinguished… Continue Reading..