Category: Disability Rights

Where’d the Accessible Parking Go in Rubidoux?

          Rubidoux, an unincorporated community within the County of Riverside, recently renovated its town center by widening the sidewalks and otherwise beautifying the area.  By all accounts, it was a great job.  One problem, though. After reinstalling the on-street parking, something went missing: the accessible parking.             Rubidoux used to have angled parking stalls along its main street with an accessible space… Continue Reading..

Russell Handy Awarded Attorney of the Year 2010

          The President of the California State Bar presented Mr. Handy with his award in a ceremony on March 9, 2010, for his work the result in a unanimous decision from the California Supreme Court in Munson v. Del Taco.  The Center for Disability Access has long been at the forefront of disability civil rights litigation.  Mr. Handy won this distinguished… Continue Reading..