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PG&E Camp Fire News: Pacific Gas and Electric Company, is one of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the United States.

PG&E settles with insurance companies, paying $11 billion in California wildfires

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) announced that it has reached an $11 billion settlement with insurance firms on claims arising from the disastrous 2017 fire in northern California and 2018 Camp Fire.  The company’s statement on Friday stated that there is an arrangement “in principle with entities representing approximately 85 percent of insurance subrogation claims for an $11 billion settlement… Continue Reading..

Camp Fire Victims Approaching Claims Deadline

Thousands Of Camp Fire Victims Resist Filing Claims For Large Cash Settlements PG&E has been found to be at fault for the Camp Fire, which means that thousands of victims are able to collect large cash settlements. Victims only have until October 21, 2019, to file a claim in order to be eligible for compensation. Quick version: If you or… Continue Reading..

The town of Paradise destroyed by PG&E fire loses 92 percent of its population 

Governor reclassifies Paradise a “rural area” after Camp Fire  Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that California will now classify the town of Paradise, which was mainly destroyed by the PG&E-sparked Camp Fire in 2018, as a rural area after the city’s population fell to less than 10% of its pre-fire population.  The move is part of a bid to restore Paradise.… Continue Reading..

Deadline set for victims of PG&E-caused wildfires 

An important legal notice impacting victims of wildfires caused by Pacific Gas & Electric is starting to arrive in the mailboxes across Northern California.  “You have received this mailing because PG&E Corporation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company have reached the next step in their Chapter 11 Cases: the setting of the ‘Bar Date,'” read the opening line of the… Continue Reading..

What PG&E discovered while inspecting local energy lines for safety

In Sonoma County, PG&E identified 49 unsafe issues with its energy lines and other electrical machinery and finished the repair process on all but one problem area. The safety deficiencies — including burned or rotted energy poles, damaged conductors, and overgrown vegetation — were recognized in a system-wide inspection that began in December, with unprecedented scope for the biggest utility… Continue Reading..

For Years PG&E Knew Their Lines Could Spark Wildfires, and They Still Didn’t Fix Them

In 2017 PG&E identified parts that needed a repair on its transmission lines to prevent structure failure, and dozens of steel towers needed to be replaced because they were still being used beyond their life expectancy.  In November of 2018, the failure of a century-old transmission line owned by PG&E sparked the massive wildfire known as the Camp Fire. The… Continue Reading..

PG&E Cuts Power To 20,000 In Butte, Yuba Counties Due To Continued Fire Danger

Ripe fire conditions – winds, low moisture, dry vegetation, and heat – were anticipated to last through Sunday. A station south of Sonoma recorded gusts to 50 mph on Saturday, the National Weather Service said.  PG&E is under pressure to avoid fire from starting after energy lines and other machineries were blamed for conflagrations that started during the so-called fire… Continue Reading..